Website Heat Mapping

Heat Maps For Marketing

A great way to find out what your visitors are up to is by using website heat mapping. These maps indicate where your visitors have been clicking the most on each page of your website.

This information is highly valuable. It allows us to tailor your website SEO efforts in response to your visitor’s activity on your website.

Heat mapping is a great tool to see how popular certain content is on your websites such as the button’s, text and images. It’s also a great tool to ensure your visitors are navigating through your website, the way you would expect them to.

Each website should have a clear pathway for users to navigate through. Therefore it’s important that the structure of a website is laid out correctly.

Heat Mapping For Errors

Heat maps are great for improving digital marketing and SEO efforts but they also play a key role when checking your website for errors and bugs. For example, if your website was experiencing issues with a button you’ve placed which wasn’t working correctly, this would be visible on the heat map in bright red.

The red would indicate that visitors to your website have been trying to click the button. However, they have failed therefore they have continued trying. We could then fix the issue and ensure the website is working correctly. Which will result in a higher conversion rate and fewer website issues.

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