Voice App Development
Built on machine based learning, we develop AI based voice based apps across Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant which can help drive engagement, brand awareness and overall revenue.
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Voice Based AI

We build voice based apps which are built on artificial intelligence (AI) in order to identify your customers needs and personalities, allowing you to provide solutions instantly, in realtime.

Monitoring & Analytics

Ongoing monitoring and analytics for your voice application can provide key insights and metrics into the usage of your voice based app but more importantly your customers requirements.

Multiple Platforms

Our experienced developers build and customise voice-based technologies across most major platforms, some of which include Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Facebook.

Voice app development services

Alexa & Google Assistant Apps

A voice app or skill is an application which can be enabled onto a smart speakers which is operated purely via voice. This is made possible by modern technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Voice apps are able to capture human speech at a very high quality level and respond accordingly.

Previous to the release of devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, it has never been possible to achieve a speech recognition accuracy of 95% – today’s voice apps even show a steadily increasing tendency.

Voice apps can be equipped with applications like Alexa Skills or Google Actions – similar to apps on a smartphone. With the appropriate capabilities, Voice apps can be used to control our technical environment, retrieve specific information or access specific services.

Amazon Alexa Skills

Amazon are a global giant and with over 100 million members now subscribed to Amazon prime in the US alone, building your voice skill on Alexa can significantly increase your brand awareness, and revenue whilst also allowing you to connect to your audience and gain insights about them, in an entirely new way on a platform which they already feel comfortable using.

Alexa Devices

Alexa is available across a range of powerful smart speakers and devices which are developed, manufactured and distributed by Amazon. Some of these AI based smart speakers include the Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, Amazon Echo Plus and Amazon Echo Show, just to name a few.

Amazon Marketshare

Amazon Echo is now used in 10% of households, followed by Google,  which is in 4% of homes according to market research. With that said, Amazon have a much larger marketshare in the smart speaker market than Google with their voice enabled devices powered by Alexa.

Skill Capabilities

Alexa skills can be integrated with third-party databases, In-App Purchasing, web hooks and API’s via account linking. They can also be enhanced using Amazon’s development platform. As well as this Alexa skills can be developed to integrate into smart home devices i.e. light bulbs, microwaves and locks etc.

Google Assistant Apps

Building a voice based app for Google Assistant enabled devices offers a great way to engage and connect with your customers whilst generating new ones in the process. By utilising Google’s development and account linking features you can start gaining a better understanding of your customers whilst harnessing the power of Google’s world leading algorithms and scaleable systems.

Google Devices

Google Assistant voice enabled apps can be designed and developed to work with Google Home smart speakers, Chrome books, Android TV’s and mobile devices running the Google Assistant app on either Android or iOS through.

Google Marketshare

With a minority marketshare in the smart speaker market, Google Assistant isn’t yet widely as recognised as Amazon Alexa. However, this is rapidly changing and Google Home devices are starting to see an increase in sales worldwide.

App Capabilities

Similar to Alexa Skills, Google Assistant apps are based on AI machine learning and can be integrated with Account Linking and In-App Purchasing as well as third-party API’s, web hooks and databases in order to provide tailored and specific information to users.

Voice apps we’ve developed…

Virtual Nurse App

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