Getting Started With Virtual Nurse

Installation Instructions

Google Assistant

  1. To install Virtual Nurse onto Google Assistant you need to install it from the assistant store. This can be done by clicking here.
  2. This will add the nurse to your assistant, and can be activated by saying or typing “Open Virtual Nurse”

Virtual Nurse for Google Assistant is currently only available for customers within the US.example of virtual nurse on facebook


  1. You can use Virtual Nurse through Facebook without the need to install any apps or software, and can work directly through your web browser.
  2. Simply head over to the virtual nurse page by clicking here.
  3. You can then send the nurse a direct message to get a reply.

Amazon Alexa

  1. Installing the nurse on any Amazon Alexa device is simple. First you need to head over to the Alexa Skill store and locate Virtual Nurse, or click here to be taken directly to the correct page.
  2. Here you can simple click the “Enable Skill” button and the nurse will be installed to the Alexa devices that are connected to your account.
  3. You will be able to active the skill be simply saying the phrase “Alexa, open virtual nurse”.


  1. First you need to simply click on the browse app button on the left menu.example of virtual nurse on slack
  2. Then you will be able to browse through the apps that Slack has to offer.
  3. Search for Virtual Nurse in the box, then click the add button when you have located it.
  4. You will then be able to access the nurse by simply typing your messages in the chat box.


  1. To install the nurse on Skype you first need to head over to the bots menu on the left.
  2. Search for Virtual Nurse, and press the “Get Started” button when you have located it.
  3. You will now be able to send messages to the nurse directly through the Skype chat box.

Using Virtual Nurse

After you have installed the application you can control it with either your voice or by typing messages. This depends on what device you are using it on.

If you are using the Google Assistant or Alexa version of the nurse you will need to first open the app by saying “Open virtual nurse”.  However, on the Facebook, Slack and Skype versions this is not necessary and you will able to directly ask questions without opening it first.

Then you can ask the nurse about any condition or medication that you can think off, and it will reply with information about that topic.

You can use phrases such as:

  • “How do I perform CPR”
  • “What is heartburn”
  • “give me information about paracetamol”

If you are struggling to think of something to ask then you can simply say, “medications” or “illness” and the nurse will give you a sample list of topics that you could ask.

We are constantly looking for new topics and functionality to add to the application. If you have a suggestions or requests then feel free to contact us today.

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