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Our voice enabled healthcare app built on Alexa, Google Assistant, FB Messenger, Skype & Slack! – Updated 06/09/2017

virtual nurse healthcare appAfter many months of ongoing development and testing, our mobile app development team here at Lowaire Digital in Leicestershire, have officially created Virtual Nurse, which is now available across multiple platforms. The voice enabled app gives your voice-powered home appliance a new feature and capability. It will allow voice enabled devices to give life-saving information about first aid, medications and illnesses to users at home, work and when out and about.

Virtual Nurse is the first step in a plan to bring medical advice to the consumer space through artificial intelligence (AI).

Right now, any Alexa, Google Assistant or FB Messenger enabled device can use Virtual Nurse. You can speak to Virtual Nurse directly through FB Messenger, Slack and Skype. Once Virtual Nurse has been downloaded or triggered, users are able to ask the app for information about various topics including medications, illnesses and first aid. The user starts the request by saying “Alexa, ask Virtual Nurse for CPR” or “OK Google, open Virtual Nurse” for those using Google Assistant. To speak with Virtual Nurse through FB Messenger or Skype simply start chatting and the app will respond to your requests via text.

The Idea

I always think about the huge amount of advice available online. However, in an emergency, it’s not always practical to search Google. I’ve been very interested in the use of voice, especially after Amazon launched their Echo product and now Google have done the same.

In my family, there’s been a lot of love for the Alexa and Google Assistant. So it occurred to me, these voice apps can provide information about the weather, the news, tell jokes and even tell you facts about London or Glasgow. But in the context of healthcare, there’s got to be an opportunity to engage with consumers in a quick way, when they need it most. We’re trying to create something more than just your average novelty voice app. We want to create AI which can help in peoples everyday lives and this is the first step towards that.

Virtual Nurse Features

Currently Virtual Nurse is able to answer over 600 questions in relation to medications, illnesses and first aid. As well as this, Virtual Nurse can also provide the medical emergency number in any given country. Our healthcare AI app, which is available free on Alexa and Google Home, can also provide tailored information based on the users age and type of injury sustained.

Future Updates

The app description and the language of the app itself makes it clear that it isn’t a substitute for medical care. You should call 999 or your countries alternative emergency number. However, the hope is for it to get smarter with future updates and address a wider range of concerns and medical issues. There are other areas of course that we would like to work on developing, such as things like allergies, medication conflicts and more specific advice for age, gender and pre-existing illnesses. We’ll start to tackle some of these topics over time in order to build up the Virtual Nurse product into something much broader than it is today.

This follows shortly after Amazon announced an integration with Fitbit. Which allows Alexa to tell a user how they’re doing on steps and offer some motivation. Both skills reflect a trend towards making the voice control hub more than an entertainment device. Something that not only helps you choose music and movies, but also helps you to manage your health and the health of your friends, family, and your co-workers.

You can download our Virtual Nurse to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and FB Messenger completely free by clicking here.

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