User Session Replay
User Session Replay

As an organisation, it is important that you create website content that reaches and appeals to your websites visitors. However, it is more important that it’s reaching your target audience. You should also ensure that it offers relevant, factual information and an overall good user experience.

Ideally, you want your marketing strategies and ideas to appeal to your audience to draw them into your business. Session replay technology is a cost effective method for determining which marketing strategies and product decisions are engaging and attractive to your customers along with the ones that aren’t so engaging.

Session replay technology allows you to visualise user interactions with your website. This allows you to gain an insight into what is relevant to your audience.

What Is User Session Replay?

Session replay is a system or piece of software that allows you to replay a visitor’s journey on a website or in a web application. This way you to gain an in-depth analysis of what your visitors are interacting with on your website or application. Companies use this data to discover visitor behaviour and to optimise their website content accordingly.

For example, if a visitor to your website is navigating your “FAQ Page” you can easily find out what questions they are looking at, this would then allow you to tailor content around your most viewed questions. A company that operates within a business-to-business market will find that website visitors behaviour is important. It is useful for identifying their buying intentions and is seen as an effective way to target marketing or product development activities.

In conclusion, session replays for digital marketing is a great way to see the problems your visitors encounter. It helps you understand what makes them abandon the key conversion areas of your website or mobile app.