Apple’s HomePod – What We Think

apple HomePod speaker

Apple’s HomePod – What We Think

Apple has recently launched the HomePod. The device is a “smart speaker” and works in a similar fashion to Amazon Alexa and Google Home. It combines a powerful speaker with the Siri assistant allowing it to perform tasks and respond to requests. The device comes with a hefty £319 price tag in the UK which is far beyond most of […]

The ultimate guide to the 104 new emoji’s in 2017

While the #1 internet treat is Beyoncé dropping a new album, Apple dropping a new emoji comes as a pretty close second. iPhone users are now able to download iOS 10.2 that features 104 new emoji, including new faces, food, animals, sports, professions and more. And in case the thought of more than 100 new colorful icons sliding into your phone is […]