stethoscope virtual nurse

We’ve added a new symptom checker to Virtual Nurse

With over 2,500 unique customers and over 9,000 questioned asked since January 2017 on Alexa alone, it’s clear that users are embracing our healthcare voice application, Virtual Nurse. So our development team have been working hard to improve our AI healthcare app and the features offered to our users. Therefore we are delighted to announce that we’ve successfully integrated our […]

amazon echo

Our Top 5 Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker which you control with your voice. The echo has a plethora of “skills” that you can add to the device which enable it to perform a range of different tasks. Over the last few months, healthcare & fitness skills have become increasingly popular on Amazon Echo and other Alexa enabled devices. So we’ve […]

Our latest Amazon skill which provides accurate Google algorithm changes

The Amazon Echo skill / app designed to help you keep track of Google’s ever changing search engine algorithm. Our website design & mobile app development team at Lowaire Digital have been working hard to develop, test and launch another useful app for Amazon’s echo device. Keeping track of Google’s algorithm changes can be difficult with so many sources on […]