Virtual Nurse Has Been Updated!

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Virtual Nurse Has Been Updated!

Our website developers have been hard at work creating new features for our Virtual Nurse skill. It is now more useful than ever before and can provide you with more potentially life-saving information. Alongside this, we’ve added Virtual Nurse to both Amazon’s Alexa & Google’s Assistant. What is Virtual Nurse Virtual Nurse was originally developed for Amazon Alexa enabled devices in order […]

amazon echo

Amazon sets to replace your landline phone

Amazon’s Echo devices can already control the lights in your house, make you a coffee when you wake up in the morning and deliver things straight to your door, all through a simple voice command. In an announcement last week, Amazon has unveiled a feature made to compete against services such as Skype and even your landline telephone, as users of […]

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Amazon will triple staff at Cambridge drone testing base

Amazon are about to triple the size of it’s research and development team based in Cambridge, working on tech innovations i.e. Alexa Digital Assistant, Delivery Drones and the Echo smart speaker. The online retailer has announced they will be opening a new building in the city with room for 400 amazon experts who specialise in mathematical modelling, machine learning and […]

Our latest Amazon skill which provides accurate Google algorithm changes

The Amazon Echo skill / app designed to help you keep track of Google’s ever changing search engine algorithm. Our website design & mobile app development team at Lowaire Digital have been working hard to develop, test and launch another useful app for Amazon’s echo device. Keeping track of Google’s algorithm changes can be difficult with so many sources on […]

The Virtual Nurse skill for Amazon Echo which might just save your life

After many months of ongoing development and testing, Our mobile app development team here at Lowaire Digital based in Leicestershire, have officially submitted our first skill for Amazon Echo. The voice app gives the voice-powered home appliance a new “skill”, it will allow the device to give life saving CPR advice to the end user. With Virtual Nurse it’s just the first step in a plan to […]

Now you can try Amazon Echo and Alexa in your web browser

If you’ve heard about the Amazon Echo and have been wondering what it’s like to use it before committing to buying one, there’s now an online tool that lets you test it out as much as you want, right in your browser. It’s called Echosim, and all you need to use it is an Amazon account to log in. Once you’ve […]

8 Predictions How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Change Our World

Artificial intelligence is quickly gaining steam, from the Amazon Echo to Google’s assistant. So why is AI catching on now? And what does it mean for the tool’s of the future? well we’re going to cover some of the main predictions of AI within this blog post. Robots and AI will keep us safer, especially from disasters. AI for robotics will allow […]