Technical SEO
Improved Visibility

Making sure your site appears earlier in related searches to your services or products will have a huge impact on the flow of visitors to your website. Our SEO team will aim to get your website as high as possible within search engines to allow you to invigorate your business online.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves changing aspects of your website besides the content, to enable it to rank higher. This can include factors such as page speed, responsiveness, and security. Most modern search engines will penalise websites that don’t follow these guidelines.

SEO Expertise

Our team of expert SEO Consultants can ensure that your website will be intelligently designed with the important technical SEO factors kept in mind. This will allow you to start seeing the benefits of technical search engine optimisation right from the start.

Site auditing

Site Layout and Architecture

It is important that your website is well structured and organised as it affects the functionality and therefore the visibility of your website. We ensure that all of the pages on the website will be easy to access and have concise page slugs and titles.


In an age that is dominated by smartphones and tablet devices it is essential to ensure that your site works well and displays correctly on a variety of devices. We develop and test our websites across a range of different operating systems and modern internet browsers.

Speed Optimisation

Nobody likes waiting around, so it’s important to make sure that your website will load quickly as this is crucial in order to keep users interested in your site. We will aim to keep page sizes small so that they load quickly to improve the retention rate of online visitors.

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