Aduiting & Research
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Performance Strategy

We give you both transparency and detail in our audits of your website by showing you exactly how both search engines and people respond. Optimising business strategies by ensuring that any issues are identified and solved helps you to find the best way forward.

Google Analytics

Detailed statistics about how your website is viewed and responded to is a highly useful tool that our digital consultants can provide you with. Using this, we can effectively pinpoint and target each of your company’s goals and monitor progress with your company strategy.

Optimising Behavior

We’re able to effectively plan projects with enterprise technology that allows us to track and monitor customer activity. This means that we can tailor specifically to work on each of your commercial objectives based on the behaviour that we are observing.

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Effective Auditing

Effective auditing is important. A thorough audit identifies and rectifies any potential obstacles to the performance of your website. It helps to build the foundation for your wider digital marketing efforts.

The complete analysis provides comprehensive design recommendations, content marketing strategies and a plan that guarantees the support of your business needs and objectives. It also allows us to set and define appropriate aims and goals which play an important role in your personalised marketing campaigns.

Accurate Analysis

We offer real-time and on-page analytics alongside market and influencer analysis. This identifies how we can connect digitally with your customers and increase visibility and conversation around your brand and services. Our live dashboard system pulls data from a multitude of sources at our disposal to allow a clear picture of progression and potential innovation, including both social media innovations and increasing traffic conversion directly on your website.

Personalised Reports

We use a wide range of industry-tested tools to create a comprehensive personalised report on your business and customers, including clear and informed recommendations about the next steps to take. We produce these reports for you monthly to communicate both the successful and potential elements of your website and marketing strategy as well as a breakdown of the changes made to your site. They also give you an insight into the bounce-rates, exit-rates and click through rates (CTR) in relation to your website. This shows where the content is most effective and allows us to measure progress in visitor retention.

Customer Personas

We also create customer “personas,” which is an effective way to understand the interests and goals of your visitors so you can tailor to their needs and eventually convert them into a dedicated customer. This tool is about relating to your customers in order to craft the ideal digital experience for them and engage with. Creating customer personas also allows the use of techniques like re-marketing, which is a second chance at the conversion of a customer.


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