Virtual Nurse App


The Project
Virtual Nurse
Alexa App, Google Assistance App

Virtual Nurse was originally developed for Amazon Alexa enabled devices in order to provide basic CPR instructions to the end users. However, after continual development, Virtual Nurse can now provide medical advice for a range of different topics chickenpox right through to broken bones and heavy bleeding. As well as this Virtual Nurse can provide detailed information about medications, illnesses and first-aid procedures whilst also providing the medical emergency number in any given country. As well as this our healthcare app, Virtual Nurse can now be downloaded onto any Google Assistant enabled device.

This means that you can now use Virtual Nurse through Google Home and many other Google Assistant enabled devices . Once enabled onto your device, you can trigger the app by asking a phrase such as “Alexa, ask Virtual Nurse how to perform CPR”  or for those using Virtual Nurse on Google Assistant, “OK Google, ask Virtual Nurse about heart attacks”.

Virtual Nurse will then reply with information about the requested subject, and the steps you should take to treat the problem. In addition to the above, the healthcare app our team at Lowaire Digital have developed can also provide you with tailored advice depending on the age of the users or the type of injury sustained.  

For example, you can ask for CPR advice for a child or an adult or even ask how to treat minor or heavy bleeding. The content and advice provided within Virtual Nurse has been supplied by NHS Choices. Ensuring that we offer the most accurate medical information possible to our users.

With over 50,000 users worldwide using Virtual Nurse, we are now working on integrating user account linking and a feature for providing reminders in relation to medications and medical appointments. As well as this we’ve started to work on an algorithm which handles the NHS API, in order to automatically pull data from the NHS into Virtual Nurse without the unnecessary data it currently provides.


You can download Virtual Nurse today free on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.