AdWords Auditing
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Adwords Auditing

We will complete a comprehensive audit on your current Adwords campaigns and document the strengths and areas that could be improved, allowing us to plan an effective strategy going forward.

Negative Keywords

It is paramount that your paid adverts are only shown to people who are genuinely interested in your service, and some keywords can prevent this. Our team will identify poor keywords and eliminate them.

Adwords Reporting

We provide a live dashboard that allows you to view a variety of statistics such as search volumes and traffic which can be compared against competitors, and is presented in a easy to understand fashion.

Strategy and Management

A successful Adwords campaign depends on some important key factors. Our management team will ensure that your Adwords campaigns are fully optimised and providing you high quality and relevant traffic whilst reducing the cost you pay for each click.

Keyword Management

We will work with you to create a list of accurate keywords that are related to your business. These keywords will then be implemented into your Adwords campaign to provide the most optimal marketing strategy for your company. We aim to find the right balance between traffic volume and cost per click to give you the best results for you monthly budget.

Advertisement Groups

We will use the important services of you business to create ad groups that contain all of your keywords. Categorising them into groups presents them in a more organised fashion and allows for easier management in the future. This also allows us to create advertisements for each individual group that are specifically tailored to the keywords and landing page of the group.

Custom Advertisements

In addition to the Adwords auditing, we will create range of unique and eye-catching advertisements for each ad group. These ads will be displayed when people make searches related to the keywords within that ad group and will improve the visibility of your website. These ads will be regularly modified to ensure that they are optimised and retain a high click through rate.


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