On Page & Off Page Optimisation

Page Optimisation

When people in the digital marketing industry refer to off page optimisation we are referring to items external to your website i.e. link population, social networking, social media and buying links. “On page optimisation” refers to things like content on your site which includes Google-friendly website design and structuring, optimised and compressed code, title tags, meta descriptions and internal linking, basically everything that we can do on your websites to increase your website’s viability is referred to as off page optimisation.

Established Already?

If you have a website with good and unique content which has been established already and running for an extended period of time, you could increase your traffic significantly using this valuable asset. Various SEO issues could mean your website isn’t reaching it’s full potential. Our on page and off page optimisation team at Lowaire can help reach your website’s full potential. We use white-hat tactics in guidance with Google SEO guidelines.

New Websites

If you have just launched your website then you’ve probably realised that you are lacking content. Even if you understand your industry it can be difficult to come up with large amounts of content to attract potential visitors and customers to your website.

First, focus on developing your website to be informative because Google loves relevant and unique content. It’s Google’s goal and life mission to provide everyone with relevant and accurate search results. One way they do this is measuring the bounce rates of each website.

A website’s bounce rate is determined by the amount of visitors that click on a website then immediately leave. If the visitor leaves in a short period of time, Google looks at this as a negative factor. It concludes that the content wasn’t good enough and in-turn they drop the website within search results.

Website Title Tagging

If you have a website then you’ll probably want your visitors to know what each page means their title. However more and more, we are now seeing websites who forget about this crucial page optimisation method. The title tag is a great opportunity to place the page title but also a very brief summary of the page content and can significantly help your website’s visibility and bounce rate.

Website Content Solutions

In order to ensure your website doesn’t drop within the search results, it’s important to provide your visitors and customers with good quality and unique content which is engaging and eye catching to the reader.

One to increase website traffic could be to create a blog or have a RSS feed integrated in your website. These can feed directly into one of your website pages with industry relevant news and updates. Other ways of creating meaningful content could include creating a forum or knowledge base.

For more information regarding page optimisation then check our on page SEO guide.