We can create effective and engaging mobile apps for any type of business. An IOS or Android application can significantly improve your companies brand awareness and boost its overall reach.
Professional Apps

Having worked with many companies in the past, our development team have the experience and expertise to create professional mobile applications for any industry or business.

Increase Awareness

Mobile applications can have a large effect on the overall visibility of your business. If you want to push new users into your ecosystem then a mobile app is the perfect solution.

Platform Support

We create applications for both Android and Apple IOS Devices of any shape or size. This allows us to maximise the overall reach of the mobile application we create for your business.

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Business App Development

With a true passion for cutting-edge mobile app design, we won’t produce anything less than the most stunning, beautiful and functional user experience possible. At Lowaire, we don’t just build mobile applications, we build mobile applications which have been designed to change the world, the way we live and the way we work.

We want you to take full advantage of our expert development skills. Instead of having you commit to a long-term contract, we bill our projects hourly so that we can dedicate the right amount time, skills and resources to your project. In addition, you can cancel at any time if you’re not completely satisfied, which means we need to continually impress.

The History of Mobile Apps

As of January 2017, the iOS app store features over 2.2 million apps. Developers have multiple options for monetising their apps, ranging from free, free with in-app purchases, and paid. However, Apple has been criticised for a lacklustre development environment, prompting the company in June 2016 to announce a “renewed focus and energy” on the store. Major changes introduced in the following months include ads in search results, a new app subscription model, and the ability for developers to respond to customer reviews.

Also, with the release of iOS 11, The iOS App Store will receive a complete re-design and overhaul, bringing a much greater focus on editorial content and daily app highlights.

The history of mobile apps
Mobile App Development

By using hybrid app development technologies we can provide you with a consistent look to both your Android and iOS apps whilst keeping the native feeling of the device to give the best possible experience to your users. This allows us to use a single code base to manage your apps reducing time to build the app and as well as reducing the time to test and ensure your app is bug free.

Progressive Web Apps

Hybrid development doesn’t stop at mobile platforms and can be used to create Progressive Web Apps. Started by Google progressive web apps (PWA’s) are designed to be fast, reliable and engaging providing your users a consistent and great experience, whether they are on their phone or laptop. Not only can your PWA be added to the home screen of your phone or tablet, they also provide offline support so your app can be used anywhere any time. As we use hybrid app technologies this can easily be converted into a mobile app as well for native functionality and performance improvements.

Android Apps vs iOS Apps

The Apple App Store generates 85% to 95% of all revenue from applications. Business Insider claims that the Play Store has generated $330 million while Apple’s App Store has generated $4.9 billion! Keeping this in mind, would you rather create an iPhone or Android mobile app?

The Android platform utilises Java, which is a common programming language and widely used. While versatile, it is different than Apple, which utilises the Objective-C language. Anyone familiar with C and C++ will find this easy, but the App Store requires products to be approved before publication unlike Google. The differences are vast, but the bottom line is the same. If both platforms will cost the same, doesn’t it make sense to utilise a $5 billion dollar market?

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Voice Controlled Apps

Our development abilities does not end with iOS and Android apps. We can also design and develop skills for Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. These types of applications have no user interface and instead rely on voice controlled commands and inputs. Our most popular Voice controlled program is Virtual Nurse, a healthcare app that provides users with potentially life saving medical information.

Growing Ecosystem

Over the last 5 years, mobile App stores has seen a huge growth due to companies who are looking to create an app where you can engage with your customers, increase loyal customers, and collect valuable customer data in order to remarket your products in future. With their continued growth it is more important than ever to jump in. With a deep suite of analytics and prediction software we can help drive conversions through your app to get the best return for your investment

What Does It Cost?

The cost to build an app will vary. There are a variety of factors to consider, such as platforms, distribution methods and functionality. Because each project is unique in its own right and our team will spend different amounts of time on each step throughout the process dependant on the requirements. For more information on the cost to get your app off the ground, feel free to get in contact with our team today, we’d love to talk to you!